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Applelec is renowned for the creation of bespoke signs, display and lighting products, including the ground-breaking flat light panel, LED Light Sheet. With two factories in West Yorkshire, we're dedicated to product development and delivering project solutions to meet the needs of the architectural lighting industry.

Our work within the lighting industry has led to the launch of Asta Linear®, an extensive range of aluminium profiles that accommodate a variety of LED strips. Offering stylish design with bespoke construction options, the Asta Linear® range is both versatile and accessible.

Applelec's Asta Linear® profiles can be fitted with LEDs which match in colour temperature to those embedded within our LED Light Sheet panels for the creation of complementary lighting schemes.

LED Light Sheet from Applelec

A clear sheet of acrylic is etched with a uniform matrix and securely embedded with thermally managed LEDs. The etched matrix acts as a vehicle to carry a bright, even light from the LEDs across the entire surface of the panel. LED Light Sheet is manufactured in the UK by Applelec to bespoke requirements and can be integrated into retail display and exhibition systems, signage, architectural and design features or used to illuminate decorative glass and other materials. A choice of warm white, cool white or RGB LEDs with dimmable controllers ensure project aesthetics are met.

For information on LED Light Sheet, please visit our product website: www.ledlightsheet.co.uk

Offering stylish design with bespoke construction options, the Asta Linear range is both versatile and accessible.
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